Administration of Natural Park "Vrachanski Balkan”
Address: Vratsa, Kopana Mogila
Tel: +359 9189 /22 66
e-mail: vratchanskybalkan@abv.bg,

Visitor center Natura 2000
Address: Vratsa, 27-29 Pop Sava Katrafi lov Str.
e-mail: naturacenter@abv.bg
The center is located with the building of the Eski Mosque in the town of Vratsa - declared an architectural and artistic monument of culture. Here you will fi nd a wealth of information on: the protected territories and zones on the territory of the "Vrachanski Balkan" Nature park; information about the eco-trails and sightseeing routes; accommodation and entertainment; digital hall; information materials.



R.N.P Romsilva Administrația Parcului antuarl
Porțile de Fier R.A.
N.F.A. Romsilva - Iron Gates Natural Park. R.A.
Address: Romania, Orshova, 2 Civic Center St
Tel: 0040 252 360 511
e-mail: parc@drobeta.rosilva.ro
https://www.pnportiledefi er.ro

Dubova Information Center
Address : village Dubova
e-mail: parc@drobeta.rosilva.ro
Information: Here you can see: expositions about the biodiversity in the park; the traditional way of life of the local population; three-dimensional model of the park territory; digital room. The center also offers informational and advertising materials and educational activities with children;