Iron Gate Hydropower Museum

Iron Gate Hydropower Museum

How to get there: on the European road E70, along the Danube, from Drobeta Turnu Severin to Orșova

It's the museum opened in 1976, presenting the main characteristics of the Danube River, hydrological data and historical-archaeological exhibits. The oldest permanent settlements in Europe have been found in the area, dating back to 9000 BC. The museum also displays older artifacts from the Pre-Neolithic dating back 10,000-11,000 years. In addition to the historical-archaeological exhibits, the Museum of Hydropower has exhibition halls on the topics of: Ethnography and Folk Art; Natural Science; Hydro-engineering and construction of the Iron Gates I hydroelectric power plant. The visit to the museum ends with a visit to the Hall of Turbines, where you can see how 6 Kaplan turbines with an installed capacity of 194.5 MW each work. The weight of each turbine is 3680 tons. Iron Gate I Hydroelectric Power Plant is the largest hydroelectric plant in Romania, producing 50% of the country's hydropower.

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