Ledenika cave

Ledenika cave

How to get there: by car 16 km on an asphalt road from the town of Vratsa, passing through the Vratsata pass and turning right.

Ledenika cave is one of the most visited caves in Bulgaria. It is open for tourists throughout the year. It's the cave 320m long and has 10 halls. Entertaining "Ledenika" park, se located right next to the cave and includes a visitor center with exhibits and a 5D cinema, a rope garden, a climb­ing wall, an amphitheater and a theme park. The visitor center offers walks on eco-trails, sports games and competitions for all ages, artistic events related to the natural features of the "Vrachanski Balkan" Natural Park, quizzes, carnivals, photo-plein on a given theme and many other entertainments. 

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