The Marconia Monastery

The Marconia Monastery

How to get there: on national road 57 from the town of Orshova to the town of Moldavia Noua

Mrakonia monastery dates back to the 15th century . In the history of its existence, the spiritual abode has been subjected to many trials.

In 1453, as a result of the Turkish raids, the monks were forced to leave the monastery. Between 1521-1523, the governor of Severin, Nikola Garlishtianu, together with his wife and daughter, renovated the monastery. Soon after, it was destroyed again during the numerous Turkish-Tatar invasions. During the fi rst two decades of the communistregime, it was used as an ordinary parish church. In 1968, as a result of the construction of the Zhelezni vrata I hydroelectric plant, the old church remained under the waters of the Danube River. The currentmonastery was built after 1989 in a new place, and since 2007, the monastic life in it was restored.

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